Lakme Coffee Lite 9to5 weightless matte mousse lip&cheek review.


Today, I will be reviewing the most popular lip product of the year which is the lakme9to5 weightless matte mousse lip&cheek color. An explosion of color to your daily makeup routine, as the product says. It comes in 10 different shades meant for all skin types. The interesting thing about this product is that it is a 2in1 matte formula where you can use the product as a lip color as well as apply it on your cheeks.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Lakmé’s first ever lip color in a mousse texture is super weightless and can be used as a cheek tint too. Available in 10 intense and vibrant shades, they last long and have a powdery matte finish. It’s 2 in 2 formula makes it an instant everyday favourite for the modern Indian woman of today. This new generation matte mousse feels incredibly weightless to wear all day, giving your lips a powdery matte finish and your cheeks a blush that completes your 9to5 look.

PRICE: 575 INR for 9g.

I tried the lakme 9to5 weightless matte mousse lip and cheek color in the shade Coffee Lite. It is the most loved and bought product of this range. And to my experience, this shade is one of the most amazing products I have ever bought. The shade consists of a deeper nude tone with a subtle brown hint to it. It is definitely a shade that would match almost all skin types. I have bought a large amount of nude lip products by now and this one is by far the best product I have come across. It is good for those having pigmented lips like mine. It is a complete opaque shade which gives you a nice matte finished natural look.
Talking about the texture of the product, it is very creamy and light weight. It easily glides on your lips and doesn’t make them look dry. You wouldn’t even feel if you were wearing any of these products. I love the texture and how it makes my lips look all natural. It’s the perfect shade of nude for me.
Applicator consists of a small wand with a fluffy tip which is very easy to use. This shade has a distinct vanilla smell which is a bit strong. In terms of staying power, it stays on the lips for around 4to5 hours, so it is definitely not a 9to5 product as you need to reapply it in around 5to6 hours. Also, eventually it makes your lips dry so one must exfoliate before applying this product.
Now I haven’t used this on my cheeks as yet so I don’t know how it will look as a cheek tint. But there are other lip&cheek tints in the market like benefit benetint which are far more expensive than this one. So I guess this would be an affordable option for those looking for a 2in1 formula with less expensive price.

Would I recommend the lakme 9to5 matte mousse lip&cheek color?
Absolutely yes, this has become my favourite lip product and I am in love with this particular shade coffee lite. This product is not cheap but isn’t very expensive either. It’s a must buy for all the girls looking for a matte lip product.


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